Tea with BVP is a weekly call-in show that discusses topics related to second language learning, teaching, and acquisition. It was launched in October 2015 in an effort to accelerate the dissemination of research-supported knowledge and practices that are relevant to language teachers and practitioners. 

The show is distributed online completely free of charge. It is broadcasted live on Mixlr every Thursday at 3pm, and recordings are distributed through iTunes and Soundcloud. We currently use Twitter and a weekly newsletter to interact with our audience between shows.

Currently, the show has been listened to over 175,000 times from listeners in over 100 countries. 

Bill VanPatten is Professor of Spanish & Second Language Studies at Michigan State University, as well as an Affiliate Faculty Member in the Cognitive Science Program.
Angelika Kraemer is the Executive Associate Director of CeLTA and the director of the CeLTA Language School.
Walter Hopkins is the Assistant Director of Spanish Language Instruction in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies.

Daniel Trego, our technical producer, is an Educational Technology Specialist at the College of Arts and Letters.
Luca Giupponi, our media producer, is the Educational Technology Coordinator at the English Language Center.
Dustin De Felice, our communications manager, is the Director of the MAFLT program.
Jeff Maloney, our production assistant, is a graduate student in the Second Language Studies program.

Please send all media inquiries to teawithbvp@gmail.com.